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Experience light as you never have before at the Outlet village

Moment Magnet installation by Lighting Design Collective On February 3rd at the Outlet village.

‘Moment Magnet’ is a signature lighting installation that makes a bold spatial and contextual statement addressing todays visually noisy retail world. It shakes the foundations of traditional advertising tools by creating a calmer backdrop for shopping. During the daytime at first glance, the rich copper-hued polished skin gleams in the sun creating beautiful reflections. During night-time it turns into dynamic ever-changing media content reacting to the environment and events. The media content is designed to engage people, thereby creating a deeper bond with the installation. This installation is spread across 5 locations creating new delight points during the customer’s journey experience. The content is driven by video, image and algorithmic generative inputs.

Helsinki Outlet wishes to offer experiences that go well beyond traditional shopping: A gift for people to spend their quality time here through this light art installation. In other words, it enhances the well-being. It provides a peaceful and relaxing moment at the Outlet village that draws inspiration from nature.

 ‘Moment Magnet’ has the power to transform an ordinary experience into unforgettable ones. Everyone of us wants to have brief experiences that jolt and elevate us. Almost like a magnet attraction, the installation aims at creating positive memories, making you feel good about yourself upon entering the Helsinki Outlet. 

It reacts and visualises current events in real-time by connecting to live data over the internet. It can change from soft and ambient customer communication to an abstractly visualised hockey match or nature triggered artistic patterns. What will you see through Moment magnet?